Angelini Trasparenza

Angelini Pharma UK-I (part of Angelini Pharma Group) is a modern organisation with Compliance and Transparency imbedded in its core corporate values.

Angelini Pharma UK-I is accountable for compliance with local laws, regulations and industry codes including the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Code of Practice.

Angelini Pharma UK-I is committed to ensuring that Transparency is respected by annually disclosing Transfers of Value to Health Professionals, Other Relevant Decision Makers and Healthcare Organisations. For more information and recent disclosures in the UK, see and for information and recent disclosures in the Republic of Ireland, see

Angelini Pharma UK-I is annually disclosing Contracted Services, Donations, Grants and Sponsorship (including in relation to events/meetings) Provided to Patient Organisations and Contracted Services Provided by the Public, Including Patients and Journalists below.

Annual Disclosure of payments to Patients Organisations and The Public including Patients and Journalists in compliance with the ABPI Code of Practice including basic Methodology

2021 Disclosure of payments

2022 Disclosure of payments

2023 Disclosure of payments

2021 Disclosure of payments in Ireland, in line with the IPHA.

Ireland - Transparency Report

Ireland - Methodology on Disclosure of Transfers of Value


Job code: MAT-UKI-0012-NP   Date: June 2024